Analyzing the Conference Semifinals Lineups

Playoff basketball presents a whole different challenge from the regular season. Players’ weaknesses are exposed, rotations are shortened and teams often have to search for new lineup combinations based on their specific matchup in a series. Through four or five games of a series, most coaches have used all almost all of the lineup tricks and personnel adjustments that they have at their disposal. Using STATS’ proprietary lineup data, we analyzed the various lineups each team has used for at least ten possessions against their opponent so far in the conference semifinals and have come up with one key takeaway or suggestion based on that analysis.

STATS MLB DFS Projections, May 7: Syndergaard a Lock Against San Diego

It is early in the season, but some pitchers deserve some recognition for their performance so far this spring. Of course, there are a number of different factors worth analyzing that contribute to a pitcher’s success like usage, scouting, the frequency and combination of certain pitches, etc. For this article, we chose to focus on which pitchers have had the best pitch in each specific pitch-type category through the first full month-and-change (we included those few days in March) of the 2019 season.

STATS' 2019 NFL Mock Draft

Instead of a traditional mock draft, this STATS simulation of the first round is what teams SHOULD do based on statistical analysis and team needs rather than a projection of what teams will do. That is why you will see STATS-specific metrics like expected yards per attempt, for example, rather than more traditional quarterback stats. Keep in mind, these are based on STATS’ statistical work. Because we do not have all of the other information teams have, this mock does not always take into account other draft factors like medical records, off-the-field issues, etc. Without further ado...

STATS' MLB DFS Projections, April 23: Keep Riding Altuve, Yelich

After scorching hot starts, both Jose Altuve and Christian Yelich still present good value, as STATS projections don't see an end to those hot starts tonight. Altuve's teammate, Alex Bregman, also projects to have a standout performance tonight. Carrasco is off to a rollercoaster 2019 campaign that has seen him run out of the game by Kansas City in less than an inning, and then unhittable through seven versus the Mariners. A matchup versus a lowly Marlins offense that is last in the league in scoring gives him a chance to get right, and do so in a big way.

STATS' Biggest NFC Questions: Do the Bears Really Have Their QB?

At this point in the offseason, every NFL team is still trying to fill holes on their current roster. One of the biggest opportunities to make improvements is in the upcoming NFL draft next week. With that in mind, STATS takes a deep dive into the biggest question marks on every roster in the NFC based on our latest projections. We also have created pre-draft power rankings for each team in the NFL. Those rankings are listed at the beginning of each team’s section, and are in terms of the entire league, not just the NFC.

STATS MLB DFS Projections, April 16: Houston Should Not Have A Problem

Tonight features a full slate of games with the entire league…

STATS' Biggest AFC Questions: Can The Raiders Get Help In The Trenches?

No NFL team is perfect heading into the draft. Each team is looking…

STATS NBA DFS Projections, April 10: Westbrook, George Will Likely Play Big Minutes

It’s the last day of the regular season, which is somewhat merciful given the absurd number of late scratches (looking at you, Pelicans), rest days, and ridiculous performances from unknown guys (looking at you, Suns) there have been as the season has neared its end. This article will be lighter on the numbers than past ones just because so many team’s lineups have been thrown into disarray, making past numbers somewhat inconsequential since they’re playing with a bunch of new guys. With so many guys sitting, it’s an absolute mess to sort through, but to me that’s also what makes end of season daily fantasy fun, so let’s try to sift through the mound of 11 games worth of nonsense and find some diamonds one more time this year.

STATS MLB DFS Projections, April 9: DeGrom is a Must-Play

Tonight features a slate of 11 games ripe with opportunity for…

STATS' European 'Big Five' Goalkeeper Rankings: April 5

In our previous post, we introduced a new model that allowed…