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Analyzing Purdue vs. Michigan State with Advanced Metrics

A breakdown of the first-ever top-five meeting between the Boilermakers…

STATS NBA 2017-18: An Advanced Look Into The Offseason Shakeup

NBA 2017-18: Using STATS’ industry-leading NBA data for an advanced look into the offseason shakeup and the pursuit of Golden State.

2017 NBA Finals Preview

The top of any list of great sequels in cinema could easily double…

Applying 3D Modeling to Player Performance

STATS, the world leader in sports intelligence, has created a new tracking and analysis method that has powerful applications in terms of determining the future success of sports teams. Using 3D mapping to plot players’ every movement, each shot, step, dunk, or pass can be captured in detail not seen before. This data tells the full story of the game – which position had the highest likelihood of scoring points, why a certain style was successful or how a blocked pass could be avoided in the future.

Analyzing a Potential NBA Finals Rematch

Before the season began, the Warriors (86 percent) and the Cavs (48 percent) had the best chances of earning the top seeds in their respective conferences, per FiveThirtyEight. As of February 17, right before All-Star weekend, both teams’ probabilities had increased to 95 percent and 77 percent. The highly desired NBA Finals rematch was looking promising.