STATS Fantasy Baseball Projections Ranked No. 1 by FantasyPros for 2016 Season

STATS fantasy projections topped the FantasyPros accuracy rankings again. FantasyPros ranked STATS fantasy baseball season long projections No. 1 for the 2016 MLB season. The honor marks the third consecutive year STATS ranked first in the study for fantasy baseball.

FantasyPros compared projections of 10 statistical sources to the season-ending results of 398 professional players. STATS finished in the top three in accuracy for eight of the ten sources.

“STATS methodology is built on analytical rigor and accuracy, allowing us to make balanced projections across a range of statistical categories for players at all career stages,” said Sean Koerner, STATS Director of Predictive Analytics. “We are thrilled to be at the top of this list yet again and look forward to seeing how our projections fare as the 2017 baseball season progresses.”

The No. 1 ranking continues a string of “Most Accurate” fantasy projection honors for STATS. STATS projections for the NFL were ranked highest for the 2016 and 2015 seasons, and are the overall leader for the last four seasons combined.

Bobby Sylvester, NBA and MLB Correspondent for FantasyPros, calls the achievement led by Koerner, Corey Schwartz and the STATS Data Science Team “extraordinary” in the world of sports projections. “This is his (Koerner) third consecutive season finishing #1 in this study. He has also finished first in our football accuracy competition out of over 130 competitors back to back years as well. In other words, he appears to know what he’s talking about when it comes to player predictions.”

For the full analysis and methodology of the 2016 Fantasy Baseball Accuracy Rankings, visit FantasyPros.


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