How Playing Style Impacts the Physical Demands of Football


Off-the-ball movement during a football match is one of the most vital tactics for coaches. On average, during a game, a footballer spends 97% of their time without the ball. However, measuring the quality and value off-the-ball movement brings to the team has proved difficult.

In this webinar, we will use STATS Playing Style methodology to measure how different playing styles impacts the workload required of a player to perform on offense and defense.

STATS segments the game by style of play to understand how we can assess the tactical workload and finds new ways to use these insights, which allow sport scientists and coaches to develop evidenced-based sessions and create a holistic tactical periodization program for teams and players.

Goal Expectancy: How to Use the Most Advanced Metric in Football


Join us for a webinar hosted by Dr. Patrick Lucey, STATS Director of Data Science, as he provides us with a new perspective on how to accurately calculate an Expected Goal value, while also looking at exciting new ways to use this metric.

Managers, coaching staff and journalists are constantly looking for better ways to measure and predict team and player performance. With Expected Goal value at the forefront of football analytics. Dr. Lucey will highlight the application of Expected Goals For(xGF), Expected Goals Against(xGA) and Expected Save(xS), while also providing us with a look into Leicester City’s championship winning season by analyzing expected goal value.