A Double-Take on Broadcast Graphics: Finding Value in Sports Data


With the constant expansion of sports data available to broadcasters around the world, networks are continually searching for ways to integrate the most relevant statistics. One of the most difficult problems facing producers, on-air talent, researchers, and graphics coordinators, is not only the need to sift through the wealth of data within a very tight timeframe, but also to then figure out how to display it in a way that the average viewer can digest the information in the blink of an eye.

Matt Davidowitz, STATS Product Manager for Broadcast Services, will examine how broadcasters can find value in the most intricate data points, while continuing to provide engaging and powerful visuals to their viewers.

Driving Fan Engagement Through Differentiated Data


STATS Managing Director, Ryan Paterson will be speaking about the use of differentiated data as the next step in creating meaningful fan engagement, providing an overview of the history of sports data and its entry into the fan market. Using the NBA as a case study of how data can be used to enhance the fan experience, Ryan will examine the next generation of fan engagement and highlight the future developments that are set to transform the industry.

Learn more about our sports data feed/API.

The Push Toward Data-Driven and Analytics-Based Editorial


For every 30-something GM being hired, there are another 300,000 fans who feel they are equally adept at poring through the matrix of publicly available Big Data and understanding it. These days, sports journalism for an ubiquitous hardcore fan base can be just as much about a quantitative analysis of LeBron James’ tendencies with under two minutes to go in a one-possession game as an exclusive interview with their favorite player. STATS News Director Brian Orefice discusses this burgeoning and insightful content trend, one that’s made up of all parts analysis and no parts access.

The £150 Million Game: How to Succeed in the Premier League


Promotion to the Premier League can be worth as much as £150 million to teams that ascend from the Championship, but how can clubs best prepare themselves to become a stable presence in the top flight of English football?

Applying advanced analytical models such as playing styles analysis, expected goals and ball movement points, the Prozone Performance.LAB is able to showcase the strategic tendencies that have seen promoted teams thrive in the Premier League.

Delivering unique insights into Premier League performance, Prozone Data Scientist Marc Flynn will highlight innovative applications of analytics in football and show how data can support an enhanced understanding of what it takes to succeed at the highest levels of the sport.

An Alternative to AP Agate


Are you looking for a richer, more engaging sports agate solution?

NEWSCYCLE Solutions has joined forces with STATS to deliver industry-leading sports agate feeds directly to Newscycle Content and Content Publisher customers.

We invite you to attend a live, 30-minute webinar on May 24th introducing STATS, and why it’s important now, more than ever, to learn about the system and what it can do for your company.

The webinar, presented by LaVar Wagner from STATS Corporate Development, will cover:

  • A brief system overview explaining the value STATS brings to your company
  • How real-time, enhanced sports information benefits you and your audience
  • How STATS can improve your sports pages

At the conclusion of the webinar, plan to stay for a 15-minute Q&A. Your questions are important.

Future of Digital Marketing in Sports


Sports marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry, but it is also a sector that faces some significant challenges as it fights for fans’ attention in a multi-faceted digital landscape.

Traditional broadcast remains the major form of consumption, but digital is increasingly playing a key role in the lives of sports fans with the second screen seeing strong engagement during live events. In this webinar, Arvind Iyengar, Sportz Interactive CEO, will examine how sports leagues, teams, publishers and sponsors can continue to generate strong reach and engagement in this evolving sector, highlighting the ways in which sports fans can be reached with holistic, versatile and integrated digital strategies.

Capitalizing on Major Sporting Events


From the Super Bowl to the FIFA World Cup, the world’s biggest sporting events draw audiences of hundreds of millions. A lucrative platform for brands and sponsors, sports enable businesses to connect with global sports fans in innovative and engaging ways.

Join us for a webinar hosted by David Ladd, STATS AVP of Sales, which will explore the opportunities major sports events hold for companies looking to reach new markets and capitalize on the unique brand exposure offered by sports.

Introduction to HTTP Post – STATS’ Newest form of Content Delivery


Join long-time STATS employee Marc Carl as he presents STATS’ newest content delivery option,’HTTP Post’. HTTP Post allows you to receive data in JSON without a need for pulling logic. This exciting improvement for clients provides the benefit of increased delivery speed with minimal manual work.

Team Cohesion: Quantifying Unity in Elite Sport


Join us for a webinar where we quantify team cohesion through the development of the Teamwork Index (TWI) metric.

Cohesion, or the amount of unity a team has, is regularly identified as being a key factor in the success of failure of teams in elite sport, and yet it is something that few attempt to quantify. Defining cohesion as the level of interrelationship between team members, Prozone uses TWI to measure cohesion and determine the ways in which it influences performance levels.

Player Recruitment: Using Player Profiling to Enhance Squad Management


Join us for a webinar hosted by Paul Power, Prozone Performance.LAB data scientist, where he will highlight how the application of advanced analytics can support a more holistic and informed approach to player recruitment and asset management. Through the work of the Performance.LAB it is now possible to more accurately capture and quantify the stylistic nature of individual players. By using the Performance.LAB’s Playing Styles analysis framework, scouts and coaches now have the ability to better understand which systems a player has been involved in and how effective they are within them, providing an insight into how a player might fit into a team’s existing structure.