STATS LLC Partners with Czech Startup Fantasy Sport a.s. Solutions

CHICAGO – June 10, 2016 – STATS LLC, the world’s leading sports technology company, has partnered with Fantasy Sport a.s., a Czech Republic-based fantasy sports startup, to deliver basketball, baseball, football and soccer data feeds for 13 competitions worldwide. This data will power, a new website from Fantasy Sport a.s., and other innovative fantasy sports solutions. STATS will also provide its award-winning fantasy projections for the NBA, NFL, NHL and European soccer.

STATS’ data feeds and fantasy projections will be used to support the delivery of immersive fantasy sports experiences, providing Fantasy Sport’s users with multiple layers of statistical content and the depth of information required to make informed lineup selections.

“STATS provides the most reliable and up-to-date sports content to fantasy providers,” said Federico Winer, STATS Sales Director, EMEA. “As an official source and distribution partner for major leagues around the world, STATS delivers the most timely and accurate data in the industry. Our rich data is combined with advanced analytics engines to provide internationally recognized fantasy projections that enrich user experiences with multiple layers of information.”

With over 25 years of experience in fantasy sports game management and integration, STATS is uniquely qualified to support and power the creation of innovative, captivating and dynamic fantasy services.

“The aim of is to become the daily fantasy market leader in Europe,” said Denis Forbrich, CMO of Fantasy Sport a.s. “In order to achieve this it is crucial to load our product with the best data and projections feed available to provide the fastest and most reliable data to our users. We are proud to join forces with STATS, the global leader in this sports technology, and look forward to seeing our customers benefit from the agreement.”


STATS Powers Bologna FC Website with Serie A TIM Data

CHICAGO – May 31, 2016 – STATS LLC, the world’s leading sports technology company, is powering the new Bologna Football Club 1909 website launched on May 27, 2016 with Serie A TIM league, team and player statistics.

Bologna, a user of STATS’ professional soccer services since 2015, becomes the first Serie A TIM club to use STATS data to power its media content. STATS SportVU® player tracking technology is already used in Serie A TIM power enhanced broadcast presentation and deliver competitive advantage to teams.

The Hosted Solution and Serie A TIM data feeds provided by STATS will be used to integrate detailed sports coverage into Bologna’s website and engage the club’s fans with statistics by ensuring that key competition information can be accessed through the new site.

“Bologna FC is one of the most important clubs in Italy, with a great history and ambitious projects for the future,” said Tommaso Refini, STATS Media Business Development Manager, Italy. “We are pleased to provide the club’s new official website with our STATS’ branded team and player statistics related to Serie A, as well as delivering pro solutions to support the team on the field.”

Bologna was a founding member of Serie A in 1929 and has won the Italian championship on seven occasions in its history. The clubs is owned by Joey Saputo, Canadian businessman and president of Montreal Impact.


STATS to Deliver Industry-Leading Sports Agate Feeds Direct to Print Media

CHICAGO, IL and BLOOMINGTON, MN – May 2, 2016 – STATS LLC, the world’s leading sports technology company, has partnered with NEWSCYCLE Solutions, a global provider of media software platforms, to deliver its industry-leading sports agate feeds direct to newspaper media organizations.

STATS’ sports agate feed for print media is provided as a wire-ready ANPA format. For years, STATS has powered wire services with the agate feed, which will now be provided direct to newspapers to improve a publication’s sports content.

“Our partnership with Newscycle represents an important step in the development of our agate solutions,” said Greg Kirkorsky, STATS’ Executive Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing. “By delivering agate direct to clients, we can continue to provide newspapers the full suite of sports agate services and ensure the best-in-class speed and reliability of our feeds.”

STATS is proud to produce the fastest and most reliable sports agate in the industry. Through the newly forged partnership with leading media technology provider Newscycle, STATS will continue to enhance its agate services while providing a seamless delivery experience for its clients.

”Newscycle customers have been relying on STATS sports agate for several years as part of their AP feed to deliver rich and engaging content to avid readers across a wide range of sports,” said Peter Marsh, Newscycle’s VP of Marketing. “With this partnership, our customers can now get this great STATS content directly, which will translate to greater speed and flexibility for busy sports departments, as well as an even wider selection of sports statistics for more than 600 leagues around the globe.”

For more information about the STATS sports agate solutions for publishers, visit


STATS’ Fantasy Baseball Projections Ranked #1 by FantasyPros for Second Consecutive Year

CHICAGO – April 12, 2016 – STATS LLC, the world’s leading sports technology company, has been ranked first for the accuracy of its MLB season-long projections by FantasyPros for the second consecutive season.

To determine the most accurate projections, FantasyPros evaluated 15 sources to reveal how close their projections were to the actual statistics recorded by 300 relevant players. This independent evaluation ranked STATS first for the 2014 and 2015 seasons consecutively.

STATS was also ranked highest for weekly NFL projections in accuracy for 2015 as well as being named the overall leader for the last three years combined. Last year, STATS was recognized at the Fantasy Sports Trade Association’s annual winter conference in Las Vegas, winning awards for the accuracy of its football and baseball projections in a head-to-head competition among more than 100 industry leaders.

“It is not a coincidence that STATS consistently places high in fantasy projection accuracy contests,” said Sean Koerner, Director of Predictive Analytics for STATS. “Our primary goal is to provide clients with the most accurate projections in the industry and that requires a great deal of analysis, expertise and hard work. Our team does all three at a high level so it is always rewarding to achieve success such as this.”

STATS’ industry-leading projections are used by media companies worldwide to power fantasy sports games and fantasy sports content for a range of digital platforms. Delivering turnkey fantasy and predictive analytics services, STATS supports the creation of immersive fan experiences.

In addition to its fantasy projections, STATS runs the industry’s leading high-stakes fantasy contests, the National Fantasy Football Championship, National Fantasy Baseball Championship and National Fantasy Basketball Championship, which offers the industry’s largest prizes.


NCAA to Use STATS SportVU® Technology at NCAA® Women’s Final Four®

CHICAGO – March 30, 2016 – STATS LLC, the world’s leading sports technology company, will cover the 2016 NCAA Women’s Final Four using STATS SportVU® player tracking technology. Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis will be the host for the Women’s Final Four, with the national semifinals being played on April 3 and the national championship game on April 5.

STATS SportVU technology will be used to collect real-time tracking data of the games for use by the NCAA and its media partners. The games will be televised live on ESPN, with STATS SportVU data being used to create graphics for broadcast and in-stadium fan engagement. Key stats from the games will be included in post-game notes which will be sent to the media to inform coverage with in-depth statistical information.

“With today’s technology, we are always looking for additional ways to tell the story as our fans are hungry for new and innovative ways to consume the sport,” said Anucha Browne, NCAA vice president, women’s basketball championships. “Working with STATS SportVU will create an enhanced fan engagement experience and provide more in-game statistics than ever before.”

STATS SportVU utilizes a six-camera system installed in arenas to track the real-time positions of players and the ball. This information is used to generate advanced metrics based on speed, distance, player separation and ball possession.

“Our player tracking technology has changed the way player performance data is analyzed in basketball at the collegiate and professional levels,” said Greg Kirkorsky, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for STATS. “Several college teams already use STATS SportVU to simplify their data collection process and improve their performance on the court. The NCAA Women’s Final Four is a great opportunity to showcase the same STATS SportVU technology that is used by the NBA teams to enhance their performance and the STATS SportVU data that is also available to broadcasters.”

STATS SportVU is the official tracking technology of the NBA and is used by franchises to achieve competitive advantage through advanced performance insights.


STATS LLC and Virtually Live Enter Strategic Partnership to Deliver Live Virtual Reality Experiences for Sports Fans

CHICAGO – March 16, 2016 – STATS LLC, the world’s leading sports technology company, has partnered with Virtually Live, the business that enables sports fans to experience live games and events through virtual reality, to create a fully immersive viewing experience for fans.

STATS and Virtually Live conducted successful trial tests of the STATS SportVU data by converting the raw X, Y data into a live virtual reality replica of Hampden Park during the Scottish League Cup final on March 13 and the Queen’s Park F.C. match on March 16. An additional test will be held at Hampden Park with Queen’s Park F.C. on Friday, March 18.

By transposing live STATS SportVU tracking data into an immersive virtual replica of the venue, the Virtually Live platform delivers the positions and motions of tracked objects in real-time. Enabling users to enter the virtual world and socially interact with friends, Virtually Live gives fans the opportunity to choose any perspective on the action and experience an authentic in-stadium atmosphere, including on the field with the players.

“We are delighted to be working with STATS to bring sports fans never-before-seen experiences. STATS’ innovative SportVU data enables a wealth of in-depth insights on sports games, and our partnership is giving fans new perspectives that will further enhance their viewing experiences,” said Tom Impallomeni, CEO of Virtually Live. “We look forward to developing new experiences in partnership with STATS after the successful implementation of the SportVU data for football.”

STATS SportVU utilizes a six-camera system installed in arenas to track the real-time positions of players and the ball. This information is used to generate a wealth of metrics based on speed, distance, player separation and ball possession. STATS SportVU is used by top European football clubs to deliver advanced technical and physical performance insights and is the official tracking technology of the NBA.

“We are excited to be exploring the potential of STATS SportVU data to support the delivery of virtual reality experiences with Virtually Live,” said Roy Clements, Managing Director, Media and Gaming, Europe at STATS. “Delivering real-time X, Y positioning, STATS SportVU tracking data can be used to support engaging digital sports experiences. Its integration with virtual reality represents an important new phase in its development.”


STATS’ Data Science Team Wins at 2016 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Research Track Final

CHICAGO – March 15, 2016 – STATS LLC, the world’s leading sports technology, data and content company, contributed to the Grand Prize-winning research paper at the 10th Annual MIT Sloan Sports Conference in the Research Paper track finishing ahead of seven other studies submitted by sports industry professionals and student researchers.

Presented by Patrick Lucey, STATS’ Director of Data Science, the paper was entitled The Thin End of the Wedge: Accurately Predicting Shot Outcomes in Tennis Using Style and Context Priors. The aim of the research was to discover player-specific patterns of player movement and ball striking in tennis which are indicative of changing the probability of winning a point in professional tennis. Using optical tracking data from over 37,000 shots at the Australian Open over a three year period, the paper identifies the types of shots that enable players to gain small advantages that eventually lead to securing points.

“We have an enormous amount of fine-grain data available in professional sports now,” said Lucey. “The key insight of this work was that instead of just having a large number of statistics to peruse, the data allows us to focus on specific situations and interactions which is more meaningful to coaches and analysts.”

In addition to Lucey, the paper was written by Felix Wei, Stuart Morgan, Machar Reid and Sridha Sridharan in a collaboration between the STATS Data Science Team, the Australian Institute of Sport, Tennis Australia and Queensland University of Technology.

“This insight could only be obtained from working intimately with domain experts like Stuart and Machar,” added Lucey. “This was a tremendous collaboration between all institutions.”

Each year the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Research Paper Competition presents exciting new insights on a wide range of sports. The competition provided an opportunity to highlight new research in front of a panel of industry decision-makers including Nate Silver of It is an important platform for new contributions to the analytical discourse in professional sports. This year, the eight competition finalists featured research on pressing in soccer, MLB brand engagement, ball screen defense in the NBA, and the hot-hand fallacy.


STATS’ Data Science Team Involved in 2016 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Research Track Final

CHICAGO – March 3, 2016 – STATS LLC, the world’s leading sports technology, data and content company, will have newly appointed Director of Data Science, Patrick Lucey, presenting a paper at the 2016 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Research Track Final.

The paper, written by Felix Wei, Patrick Lucey, Stuart Morgan, Machar Reid and Sridha Sridharan, is a collaboration between STATS newly-formed Data Science Team, the Australian Institute of Sport, Tennis Australia and Queensland University of Technology. The paper will be presented as a finalist in the conference’s prestigious Research Paper Competition.

The paper, entitled The Thin Edge of the Wedge: Accurately Predicting Shot Outcomes in Tennis Using Style and Context Priors, aims to discover patterns of player movement and ball striking which are indicative of changing the probability of winning a point. Using optical-tracking data it is possible to form a representation of a player’s style, enabling researchers to personalize interactions between players based on match context. This approach facilitates more accurate point prediction and an enhanced understanding of how points are won through the manipulation and exploitation of space on the court.

“In professional sport, there is an enormous amount of tracking data available. This paper showcases some methods we can use to maximize the value of it,” said Lucey, Director of Data Science at STATS. “Even though the paper focuses on tennis, similar ideas can be applied across other sports. Considering how much of this data we have at STATS, and the charter of the Data Science Team is to generate new technology using this data, it is a very exciting time.”

Each year the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Research Paper Competition presents exciting insights and fresh perspectives on a wide range of sports. An opportunity to highlight new research in front of an audience of industry decision-makers, the competition is an important platform for contributing to the analytical discourse in professional sports.

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STATS, Automated Insights to Present Ground Breaking Content on Automation

CHICAGO – March 3, 2016 – STATS LLC, the world’s leading sports technology, data and content company, and Automated Insights, the software company reinventing the way professionals write using data, will participate in a panel session on automated sports analysis at the South by Southwest (SXSW) SXsports® conference in March.

Entitled The Automated Future of Sports Analysis and hosted at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin on March 12th, the panel session will feature Darryl Lewis, STATS’ Chief Technology Officer, and Joe Procopio, Chief Product Officer at Automated Insights. The panel will deliver a series of insights into the development of automated technologies and discuss what it means for the future of the sports industry, specifically examining the ways in which automation impacts athlete monitoring, officiating, gaming, and the development of sports content.

“As technology advances and we are able to access more and more data, the opportunity to automate and advance historically manual processes is becoming a reality,” said Lewis. “The impact this can have on the way fans consume sports content and the way coaches and players analyze data to improve performance is the next frontier and we look forward to shaping the role that automation can play in this exciting field.”

Hosted annually in Austin, the SXSW conferences and festivals are a launching pad for fresh discussions and original content across music, film, and emerging technology. SXsports is a three-day sports Convergence Track that forms a major part of SXSW and is designed to tackle the future of sports, embracing the very latest technologies and innovations.


STATS LLC and Prozone Team with European Broadcast Development to Bring Advanced Performance Data to Serie A TIM

CHICAGO and LONDON – February 22, 2016 – STATS LLC, the world’s leading sports technology, data and content company, and Prozone, a pioneer of sports performance analysis, announced a partnership with European Broadcast Development (EBD) to bring advanced performance data to the clubs and media partners of Serie A TIM, the highest tier of Italian football.

STATS’ partnership with EBD, a leader in sport services and audio visual content production, will see the broadcast and media partners of Serie A TIM gain access to a broad set of dynamic in-game presentations, comprehensive statistics and coaching tools through SportVU player tracking technology. SportVU utilizes optical tracking technology to collect positioning data for the ball and players in real-time. This live information is translated into enhanced data graphics for a richer viewing experience including team and player possession, player run comparisons, and player heat maps.

SportVU’s player and ball tracking information will be integrated into EBD’s broadcast graphic enrichment tools and utilized by Serie A TIM’s broadcast and media partners. These dramatic viewing enhancements will create new and interactive advertising platforms for sponsors.

“SportVU and EBD will enhance the viewing experience for fans of Serie A TIM,” said Federico Winer, Director of Business Development, Europe at STATS. “Innovative graphics, 3D simulations, player perspective visuals, 360 degree views and side-by-side comparisons are ready-made for broadcast graphics and match trackers for web and mobile.”

Prozone, purchased by STATS in May 2015, will focus on the delivery of data and performance insights to Lega Serie A product and to the clubs. Ensuring the delivery of technical and physical data from every Serie A TIM game, Prozone will provide clubs with physical reports and access to its MATCHVIEWER, and KINETIC platforms to enable detailed analysis across the complete training and matchday cycle.

“Prozone’s advanced solutions will enable Serie A TIM teams to access a wealth of Performance data,” said Antoine David, Prozone’s General Manager for Southern Europe. “Delivering advanced performance information, the data provided by our solutions will support a more objective approach to team and player analysis, giving coaches and sports scientists the ability to monitor all aspects of the team and player performance.”

In addition, Prozone and EBD will design benchmarking reports, based on the needs of each club, highlighting the key physical trends from Serie A TIM to support detailed longitudinal analysis, with all information being stored on EBD’s central database.

“EBD has teamed with STATS in order to establish a powerful strategic partnership,” said Matteo Brambilla, Strategy & New Business Director at European Broadcast Development. “Working together, our mission is to create innovative viewing and analysis experiences for Serie A TIM across a range of digital platforms. EBD looks forward to delivering unique media services to drive, through this partnership, the development of broadcast experiences in the Italian football production. Thanks to these services, Lega Serie A elevates to the top European’s League level of technology and sport related services for the production and data analysis”