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STATS’ proprietary X-Info™ provides the most detailed events that occur in a game and integrates them with traditional play-by-play to create never seen before content and information. X-Info™ data allows us to identify, quantify and qualify player and team performance at an unmatched level.

This compelling statistical content is available for NFL, College Football and MLB

Major League Baseball

Baseball X-Info™ delivers an unparalleled package of hitting, pitching, defensive and base running statistics, including:

  • Pitch type, location and velocity
  • Distance and direction for every batted ball
  • Defensive positioning
  • Fielding skill
  • Batter hot zones
National Football League & College Football

Football X-Info™ contains a remarkable delivery of offensive, defensive, special teams, penalty and miscellaneous data points, including:

  • Offensive formations
  • Incompletion details
  • Protection time
  • Yards after contact
  • Play direction
  • Defensive blitz
  • Quarterback alignment
  • Defensive targets
  • Burned defenders
  • Direction of each play