NBA data for
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Engage your basketball audience with content and statistics driven by our revolutionary tracking data – the same data used by every NBA team.

STATS SportVU® utilizes a six-camera system installed in basketball arenas to track the real-time positions of players and the ball 25 times per second. Utilizing this tracking data, STATS is able to create a wealth of innovative statistics based on speed, distance, player separation and ball possession.

The combination of player and ball tracking and STATS’ rich historical information database provides the most comprehensive and sophisticated basketball data stream available. These statistics can be used to create a wide variety of engaging content for both the casual and savvy basketball fan.

Getting STATS SportVU® Data

There are two ways to access STATS SportVU data –
using our cloud-based analytics software ICE or via an XML feed.

Option 1: ICE

ICE is a Web-based tool that allows users to easily search and filter STATS SportVU statistics. ICE also gives you access to standard and premium reports, handy for quickly pulling together relevant statistics to produce unique and compelling content. This option includes the following features:

  • Single-package deal that includes one login to ICE (Enterprise solution also available)
  • Three seasons of STATS SportVU data (2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-2016)
  • Access to pre- and post-game statistical reports
  • Access to in-progress reports (Extra fees may apply)
  • Access to the following standard reports:
    • Event Reports
    • Passing Reports
    • Rebounding Reports
    • Shooting Reports
    • Summary Reports
    • Touch Location Reports
  • Access to the following premium reports (Extra fees may apply):
    • Ball Screen Reports
    • Defense Reports
    • Performance and Fitness

Option 2: Feed (XML or API)

Feeds are a good choice for those who want access to STATS SportVU statistics for web syndication, leaderboards, enhanced box scores or who wish to use the raw positional data to build their own visualizations.

There are two STATS SportVU feeds available, Statistical and Tracking Coordinate data.

The Statistical data feed includes the following:

  • All STATS SportVU statistics, including over 30 that are updated while games are in progress
  • Three seasons of STATS SportVU data (2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-2016)

The Tracking Coordinate data feed includes the following:

  • All X/Y/Z positioning data points
  • Three seasons of data (2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16)
  • Post-game updates

Note: This data feed does NOT include any STATS derived statistics

Why Choose STATS SportVU® data?


STATS is the official statistics distribution partner of the NBA and STATS SportVU® cameras are installed in every NBA arena. You can’t get STATS SportVU® data anywhere else.

Quantify the Intangible

The data captured by STATS SportVU® unlocks a plethora of statistics that were previously too burdensome or impossible to quantify. These insights add another layer of information that basketball fans crave and can be used to engage readers, power second screen applications, or simply provide more in-depth coverage of the game.

Constant Innovation

STATS has a team of analysts and engineers that are dedicated to creating new and innovative basketball statistics based on STATS SportVU® data. Interested in a specific type of statistic that’s currently unavailable? Chances are we’ll be able to quantify it.

Accurate and efficient data delivery

STATS SportVU® statistics are subject to the same rigorous quality assurance process that makes STATS data feeds the trusted source of sports information for leading media companies around the world. Available via API or XML feed, you’ll be able to quickly integrate STATS SportVU® data into your existing digital platform.

If you are interested in STATS SportVU® data and want to learn more about how it can heighten your audience’s NBA experience, get in touch with a sales representative today!

STATS SportVU® Data in Action

Check out some of the examples below to see how STATS SportVU® statistics can be used to power content and engage basketball fans.

Ball Screens

The Ball Screen is one of the most common plays in basketball and STATS SportVU® is able to detect the event, the defensive coverage used and the result of the play. Viewers can dig into the performance of their favorite screener and ball handler combos or analyze the frequency of specific outcomes including shots, assists, passes, turnovers, fouls, drives and more.

Defensive Metrics

STATS SportVU® can also track defensive performances, including unique statistics such as drives allowed, offensive rebounds allowed, and stop percentages. This information can be used to deepen the understanding and appreciation of defensive performances that often get lost in traditional box scores.

Speed and Distance

Before STATS SportVU®, it would be impossible to quantify how many miles a player runs over the course of a game or a season or the average speeds of the fastest players in the league. These easily understood metrics offer excellent sponsorship or branding opportunities and can be updated while a game is in-progress.

STATS SportVU® Data Powers Content for ESPN

“We don’t have statistics on that” is a phrase that never has to be uttered again when attempting to quantify the abilities of players or teams

ESPN used STATS’ proprietary gravity and distraction scores to rank the top 10 most effective floor spacers in the NBA. The article was posted on ESPN Insider, a paywall-protected subscription that gives online readers access to exclusive insights. Before STATS SportVU®, this type of unique analysis and engaging premium content would have been impossible.