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Broadcast - Football/Soccer

The continuous flow of match action has made football one of the most popular sports in the world and forced broadcasters to search for innovative methods to present valuable match information.

STATS broadcast solutions deliver compelling and meaningful graphical content throughout the course of football matches, enriching the viewer experience. SportVU Tracking Technology utilizes its unique ability to collect real-time X/Y positioning data for players and ball to provide a powerful lineup of performance data. Broadcast solutions are customizable and transferable for a variety of graphics platforms.

All broadcast solutions are designed to deliver enticing branding and sponsorship opportunities, increasing broadcaster's ability to optimize their return on investment.

Real-Time Broadcast Graphics
  • Tracking data is used to power real-time TV graphics during live football matches
  • Sensors capture movement real-time and feed data into both stationary and moving graphics
  • Innovative real-time graphics enhance the overall viewing experience
  • Examples include player circles, heat maps, ID circles, RadarVU
Replay and Post-Game Effects
  • Player and ball tracking data add another dimension to replay and post-game graphics
  • The tracking data stream eliminates manual graphic creation and ensures a higher level of accuracy
  • Real-time nature of data allows for immediate replay and deeper analysis
  • Examples include player tracking, ball tracking and formation shaping
Full-Scene Animations
  • Realistic 3D virtual environment of live action
  • X,Y,Z coordinates power exact location, speed, and direction of each object
  • Allows broadcaster to move beyond the traditional video camera angle
  • Provides additional real estate for advertising and sponsorship including multiple angles and point-of-view capabilities