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With more than 3,500 data events and 850,000 entities per game, SportVU creates an in-depth account of each play, identifying dribbles, passes and player possession information.

The depth of the data allows users to query and discover detailed situations throughout the course of the game and identify player tendencies.

STATS’ team of analysts and developers have created algorithms and prepared data into manageable sets of information to power deeper insight and decision making.

Ball and Player Information

By capturing the X/Y/Z coordinate information, revolutionary new statistics are able to be tracked based on proximity and possession of the ball.

In addition to identifying player possession, tracking data now automatically calculates player touches, dribbles and passing info. All tracking data links directly back to existing play-by-play data delivering a comprehensive view of the game and generating innovative evaluation metrics.

Player Movement

SportVU Hoops produces innovative reports to help measure and analyze player activity. By tracking player speed (current, average, top) and distance travelled pace of game and player effort are objectively measured. Each of these metrics is able to be identified for both offense and defense.


By accurately and efficiently tracking individual player touches and dribbles, GMS/Scouts/Coaches/Players are able to better understand a player’s efficiency and impact on the flow of the game.

Possession information includes individual touches, time of possession, passes made/received, dribbles, location tendencies and defensive coverage.

Touch Location

Analyzing player and team possession by location helps identify a player’s maximum efficiency on the court. SportVU allows a deeper dive into elbow, wing, post, paint and drive touches to understand player and team efficiency.