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SportVU Solutions

The SportVU Tracking System delivers ground-breaking statistics on players, teams and the ball. Utilizing in-game player position coordinates; STATS delivers a breakdown of speed, distance, player separation and ball possession data.

Our revolutionary tracking content is the perfect solution for player & team evaluation, broadcast enhancement, web & mobile gamecasts and in-venue displays.

The combination of innovative player tracking statistics and STATS' rich historical information database provides the most comprehensive, sophisticated basketball data stream available.

Player and Team Evaluation

SportVU provides unique performance data for an insider's account of the action by merging tracking information with in-depth play-by-play data.

Detailed player and team statistics, including speed/distance, shooting information, passing details, touch breakdowns (drive, elbow, post, etc..) and never seen before defensive statistics.

Ball tracking information and content will provide new insight into the game, delivering accurate shot trajectory, speed, automation of dribbles and pass recording and defensive/offensive alignment relative to ball location.

Innovative content will allow more detailed and targeted analysis of player value and usage.

Enriched Broadcast Presentation & Analysis

The fast-paced action of basketball has forced broadcasters to search for innovative methods to present valuable game information throughout the telecast.

SportVU powers broadcast solutions that deliver compelling and meaningful graphical content to enrich the viewer experience.

All broadcast solutions are designed to deliver enticing branding and sponsorship opportunities, increasing broadcasters' ability to optimize their return on investment.

Web and Mobile Gamecasts

A combination of powerful in-game and post-game content powers captivating online gamecasts. Users are now able to follow games closer with new and exciting information.

Web, Tablet and Mobile GameCasts include:

  • Player possession details
  • Player and team dribbles and passes
  • Player usage information
  • Play animation

Gamecasts combine traditional play-by-play details with the SportVU content to provide an unparalleled package consumers crave. The new and exciting content extends the amount of sponsorship real-estate.

In-Venue Displays

Innovative player tracking concepts can be leveraged during game stoppage on the arena video boards and internal broadcast networks and serve as promotional handouts to help bring the game to life.

In-venue solutions allow brands to associate themselves with next generation tracking data by developing engaging trivia questions and branded leader boards to enhance the fan experience.

Brand and Sponsorship Activation

SportVU creates captivating output and provides new real estate to attract sponsors and brands.

Activating the innovative data concepts enables the generation of new revenue streams for teams by making brands a part of the action.

  • Sponsored broadcast enhancements for pre-game, live and post-game shows
  • In-venue scoreboard graphics and promotions
  • Web based sponsorship opportunities

The new content allows teams to extend relationships with existing sponsorship partners along with creating entirely new opportunities with the corporate community.