STATS is the Official Motion Tracking partner of the NBA and delivers the advanced statistics that give teams a detailed insight into performance. Offering the industry’s most in-depth basketball data, STATS helps NBA and college teams access the information that gives them a crucial competitive advantage on the court.

STATS SportVU® tracking technology is installed in every NBA arena and delivers engaging insights via real-time X,Y and Z coordinates for the players and ball.

By leveraging STATS SportVU data, STATS is able to present unique performance metrics for leagues and teams. Utilized for a wide range of analytical purposes, STATS SportVU data captures metrics that were previously impossible to quantify in order to provide unprecedented levels of insight for coaches, players and front office staff.

The combination of STATS SportVU tracking and STATS’ rich historical database provides the most comprehensive and sophisticated basketball data stream available. These statistics are used to inform strategy, supporting a more holistic approach to game preparation and ensuring that teams are fully prepared and ready to win every time they take to the court.

ICE Pro Analytics Platform

ICE is an advanced and engaging analytics platform that provides basketball teams with a premier player evaluation, personnel management and game preparation system that delivers enhanced levels of efficiency and strategic insight.

Available to NBA and college teams, ICE can be used to access, manage and analyze critical data. Presenting key performance insights through an engaging and intuitive interface, ICE helps teams to absorb the information that delivers competitive advantage.

Pro Report Services

STATS works with leading professional basketball organizations to develop custom report solutions to satisfy unique performance requirements. Mining previously untapped levels of advanced data to uncover actionable insights, STATS’ report services give teams access to the most innovative basketball information available.

If you are interested in STATS basketball solutions and want to learn more about how it can heighten your audience’s experience, get in touch with a sales representative today!