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Second Screen

STATS utilizes real-time data and content, along with a portfolio of turnkey applications, to deliver an innovative companion experience for fans.

Unique Content

STATS is the industry expert at capturing critical game situation and player performance elements that provides a deeper level of information to fans on the second screen. We can provide you extensive, customized data for a synchronized, stimulating viewer experience.
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GameZone, MatchCast and RaceCast

Bring your visitors an interactive, graphical interface and robust game information with STATS' real-time companions. Populated with real-time statistics, play-by-play and commentary, and sport-specific modules including pitch location, shot charts and player formations. Driven by a responsive HTML5 framework, our real-time products scale to multiple devices to provide a complete tablet and desktop/laptop solution in a single product.
GameZone - Baseball, Basketball, Football and Hockey MatchCast - International Football / Soccer RaceCast - Motorsports

Mobile and Tablet Applications

Provide robust sports content to smartphones and tablets with STATS' native applications. Our development team will work closely with each client to provide a customized and engaging content experience. STATS has experience developing on all platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Bada and Blackberry. Additionally, STATS can provide a robust white-labeled Mobile Web solution and/or flexible data feeds to enhance pre-built mobile and tablet applications.
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Hosted Solution

A turn-key HTML solution that provides robust content and complete customization. Hosted Solution provides scores, schedules and in-depth player/team statistics. Combined with world class Associated Press content including breaking news, headlines, photos, game previews and recaps - Hosted Solution is a powerful companion pre-game, live or post-game.
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Fantasy Games

STATS is the industry's leading source for integrated sports data and fantasy sports game management. With more than 25 years of fantasy development experience, STATS specializes in developing and integrating fantasy game extensions that improve the playability and flexibility while also including Web, Mobile and Tablet extensions. STATS Fantasy clients include large media companies, brands, high-stakes contests and professional leagues and federations. We specialize in innovative game engines, including games outside of the realm of sports.
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