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racecast STATS’ RaceCast is an interactive web product delivering fans a remarkable race-day experience. Available for Formula One and NASCAR, RaceCast is a white-label solution combining real-time statistical information and rich editorial commentary. RaceCast offers comprehensive pre-race, live and post-race information captivating the attention of race fans throughout the world.

Available in Flash and HTML5 driven solutions, RaceCast has immense flexibility to connect with your target audience. RaceCast's HTML5 version is optimized for a wide range of tablet devices providing a seamless race experience on multiple platforms.

RaceCast Customization:
  • Integration of client branding, colors and fonts
  • Utilization of custom sponsor, branding and promotion
  • Embedded within the client’s frame or developed as a popup page
  • STATS can deliver custom commentary unique to the clients site
  • Get viral with Facebook Open Graph or Twitter Integration
  • RaceCast can be delivered in multiple languages

Unique RaceCast Content

  • Calendar - Complete race calendar and results
  • Practice and Qualifying Info - Practice and qualifying results for all drivers and teams
  • Driver Profiles and Statistics - In-depth biographical information and year-to-date driver statistics
  • Team Profiles and Statistics - information including wins, championships, drivers, engines and much more
  • Circuit Profiles and Statistics - Comprehensive circuit maps detailing distance, turns, straightaways and everything fans need to know about the upcoming track
  • Driver and Constructor Standings - Race-by-race results displaying both current and season standings for both driver and constructors
  • Real-time Race Information - Lap-by-lap information including positions graph, laps remaining, fastest lap information, retirements and race status
  • Race Commentary - Engaging textual commentary depicting lap-by-lap events throughout the race