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STATS and Sportstec team up to provide advanced video analysis to pro and college basketball teams

Camarillo, CA and Northbrook, IL – May 13, 2013

STATS LLC and Sportstec Limited today announced a strategic partnership that will bring together Sportstec's analysis solution and STATS’ SportVU player tracking technology to provide the most advanced coaching and player evaluation product available in sports today. The partnership will initially focus on both NBA and college basketball, with plans to expand into other sports such as soccer in the future.

Sportstec offers the most powerful video and performance analysis solutions available on the market. Teams will now have direct access to the unique SportVU data points tagged directly to video, improving efficiency and depth of video review and scouting. Teams will be able to view unique SportVU data points such as drives, rebound chances, potential assists, catch-and-shoot opportunities and post touches within Sportstec products.

STATS' SportVU player tracking technology delivers ground-breaking statistics utilizing a sophisticated technology to collect X, Y positioning data of the ball and players on the court. The technology is already in use by 15 NBA teams with plans to expand into college basketball this fall.

“STATS’ partnership with Sportstec will provide immediate value to both coaching staffs as well as front office personnel across the NBA and college basketball,” said Brian Kopp, STATS’ VP of Strategy & Development. “SportVU data will enhance what is possible with Sportstec products, providing a whole new perspective on the sport. We are thrilled to be working with the market leader in basketball and we look forward to collaborating and expanding our partnership in the future.”

“The STATS / Sportstec partnership is most importantly a win for our clients,” said Mike Willard, CEO of Sportstec USA. “We are excited to bring this integration first to the NBA and then to college basketball. Our products together will give teams the ability to represent remarkably compelling data with video in an intuitive way that has never been done before. At Sporstec we are passionately committed to helping our clients always improve and this partnership is in line with that vision.”

About Sportstec

Sportstec is a world leader in the design, development and marketing of innovative solutions for sporting organizations. Sportstec has captured the imagination of the global sports market and is being embraced by teams and individuals seeking a winning edge. Sportstec’s vision is to help unlock potential within the client’s organization.


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