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STATS providing Second Screen Sports Content for Nintendo TVii

Northbrook, IL – January 8, 2013

STATS LLC, the world’s leading sports technology, information and content provider, today announced a partnership with Nintendo of America to provide sports data and content for Nintendo TVii, an innovative Wii U application which redefines how consumers find, watch and engage with their favorite television and video entertainment.

Nintendo TVii includes a custom interface for sports where fans can quickly see games in progress, or select a team, sport, or other interest to see what’s on now or in the future. Game scores, updated game and player stats, game previews and more are provided by STATS automatically and in real time.

“Nintendo TVii deepens the experience of watching live sports by providing fans with the information they crave and the social interaction they enjoy,” said Zach Fountain, Director of Network Business at Nintendo of America.

Each year, STATS covers more than 230 sports leagues and 55,000+ events around the globe. STATS’ clientele receive the industry’s broadest and most in-depth sports coverage thanks to cutting-edge data capture systems, a fully redundant infrastructure and superior reliability.

Nintendo TVii is now available in the U.S. and Canada, and is offered at no additional cost beyond the purchase of the Wii U game console.


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