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Interactive Collaboration and Evaluation

ICE is an interactive technology tool used to access, manage and utilize critical analytical information.

ICE was built to act as a single source system that aligns a team’s entire knowledge base from analytical data to player records to scouting video. By combining the unique properties of interactive technology tools with a team’s knowledge assets and our own unique analytics, STATS dramatically increases the value of an organization’s current information, IT and video operations while providing a distinct competitive advantage in operational efficiency.

ICE provides your organization a best-in-class personnel management, player evaluation and game preparation system to offer a new level of operation efficiency and strategic insight.

Interactive Functionality
  • Digitized Player Cards provide multiple levels of information (public & proprietary) through one simple interactive interface
  • Robust Player Evaluation capabilities - compare players on key metrics over set date ranges or week to week
  • Pre-determined log-on features allow you to control user access points and protect confidential information (salaries, medical, etc…)
Integration Points
  • ICE allows clubs to extract more value out of prior tech and analytical investments
  • Connect to STATS’ unique services such as X-Info™ and SportVU
  • Integrate directly with all current assets → video, scouting, salary, medical, league