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Graphics Download

STATS delivers comprehensive pre-game statistical graphics downloads, interfacing directly with graphic engines and TV Graphics devices.

The STATS Graphics Library (SGL) offers an exhaustive selection of graphics that populate existing template shells. The SGL system puts engaging statistical content right at the fingertips of your production team. The pre-built shells can be in the form of lower-thirds, side panels, lower nubs and/or full-screens per network specifications.

STATS Graphics Library MLB sample:

  • Player bio info and experience
  • Player stats vs. today's opponent and at today's stadium
  • Batter vs. pitcher matchup info
  • Hitting spray charts
  • Player last-game stat lines
  • Player stats vs. today's opponent
  • Team stats and rankings
  • Team and player last-time feats
  • Team record-when trends
  • Manager W-L records and experience
  • League standings
  • Schedule of today's games, scoreboards from yesterday's games