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STATS is the market leader in global football coverage, covering the most prestigious football leagues from South America to Asia. STATS delivers an unparalleled package of premium football content from scores and statistics to editorial content - all in a digital format.

Our real-time coverage features lineups, substitutions, fouls, bookings, shots, crosses and goals accompanied by rich play-by-play commentary keeping fans in touch with how the match is unfolding on the pitch. Additionally, STATS delivers premium level data for the passionate fan, including in-depth analysis of single matches and season campaigns.

STATS’ coverage includes solutions for all platforms including web, mobile, betting, broadcast, interactive TV and print. STATS’ in-progress player/team statistics reveal which players are making the greatest impact.

SportVU Player Tracking Technology

In addition to traditional event-based data, STATS delivers a world-class tracking solution that offers the 'next generation' of sports statistics, shedding new light on the way the game is played.

Utilizing a sophisticated technology software algorithm to collect the X/Y positioning data of the ball and participants (players and referees) within the playing field in real-time, STATS analyzes the accumulated data streams and compiles meaningful information and insights.

Visit our SportVU Website for more information on player tracking