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Fantasy Technology

STATS employs a team of experienced developers and system architects specializing in the delivery of customized white-label fantasy experiences. Utilizing the latest technologies to enhance the end user experience, STATS delivers turn-key services ranging from backend development to interactive game design. Each client and game implementation is able to provide a flexible fantasy game experience via countless options of game functionality.

White-Label Fantasy Game Services:
  • Backend Development - Developers lay the foundation for a successful fantasy game, focusing on database design, user registration, player selections and much more.
  • Interactive Game Design - STATS’ interactive designers have extensive training in creating a graphical user interface that optimizes the end user experience.
  • Frontend Development - Web developers utilize a variety of languages and technologies such as XHTML, Flash and AJAX maximizing speed and flexibility.
  • Customer Service - STATS' experienced customer service team offers around the clock coverage to to troubleshoot any user issues.
  • Hosting Services - STATS offers a complete hosting service ensuring high performance and reliability of personalized content./li>
  • Operation and Maintenance - After the launch of the game, STATS' developers continually enhance and improve the game experience.
  • 24/7/365 Client Service - STATS developers are on hand to handle any client needs and ensure the game is operating every hour, every day of the year.
  • Language Services - STATS offers multi-lingual fantasy services to complement many of its products and services today.