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Fantasy Statistics

STATS is the leading provider of statistical data to fantasy operators and other firms in the business of developing in-house fantasy solutions for their end user.

Services Include:


STATS is its own source of data. With our network of sports reporters covering every pitch, play, and down at each game, STATS offers unparalleled accuracy. Television networks, major sports websites as well as professional and college teams use STATS as their source for in-depth sports statistics.


The closer to real-time delivery, the more valuable the service, and the more efficient your operation becomes.
We offer a wide range of delivery times designed to meet your business objectives and fit your budget.


Our goal is to deliver the data you need in a manner which will make your organization more efficient.


We create custom files allowing our data to drop directly into your software or databases.

Client Service

STATS offers a dedicated support staff. We're here when you need us and ready to answer any questions you may have.