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Fantasy Games


STATS has been developing, managing and hosting fantasy games for more than 25 years. Delivering a wide variety of game engines that serve the specific requirements of our clients is a core competency. Each game engine has customizable features and options to ensure a unique fantasy experience is provided within the look and feel of a client’s site. Below is a small sample of STATS fantasy game engines.

Fantasy Games Available

These games are entry level contests in terms of user difficulty, but drive a large quantity of participants each day/week to make their selections. Participants are tasked with selecting the result of a game/contest/race and are awarded points based on a successful choice. Pick’em/Predictor games are employed for both team and player categories and are a perfect solution for both individual and team sports.

These games challenge participants to select a team while remaining under a pre-determined salary level. Salary cap competitions provide fantasy players the opportunity to select any of the top players in their sport. As a result a player may be on the roster of multiple teams. These player based games are popular across all types of sports including, football, basketball, baseball and soccer/football.

These Games are based on a predetermined set of rules established by the operator that allow participants to compete in private or public leagues. Within each league, participants have a unique team that can be selected via a live draft or a player allocation tool. League style games are popular across a variety of sports including, football, basketball, baseball, soccer/football and many more.

These Games allow the greatest flexibility in game play. Typically the commissioner sets the league rules from a wide variety of scoring, lineup and other settings. Rosters are selected via an online draft, allowing each user to have a unique roster. Commissioner games generally create a unique and active user base that lends itself to a customized experience amongst friends. Commissioner games are developed across all sports and are typically run on a pay-to-play model.

These games allow participants to predict the outcomes of tournament style competitions. Weighted scoring rewards participants for correct selections deeper in a tournament. Bracket games are popular for the NCAA Tournament, World Cup, Champions League and Euro Cup.