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Data Delivery

XML Data Feeds

STATS offers “streaming XML” feeds to its clients for all data, including pitch-by-pitch and play-by-play updates, over a socket connection. These feeds deliver not just the most recent play as fast as possible, but also any cumulative statistics that have changed on the recent play, minimizing the need of our clients to store and database the information. The intuitive nature of XML (Extensible Markup Language) offers STATS’ clients extreme benefits in terms of both adaptability and ease of production.

Real-Time Data

As the industry pioneer, STATS virtually created the high tech sports information industry by developing sophisticated data gathering networks to deliver the most in-depth, innovative and timely sports information services in the world.

As a result, fans enjoy more in-depth, interesting and accurate statistics on a ‘real-time’ basis. Moreover, our clients are more efficient because they can leverage resources that would have been used to manage a feed to other more profitable areas in their company due to STATS’ custom data feeds.

Pre-game, Live and Post-game Data

STATS offers a suite of content covering the action before, during and after each event including Associated Press editorial content and the companies’ hallmark of real-time scores, historical sports information and full service fantasy sports operation.

Historical Data

STATS offers historical data for sports leagues across the globe. Historical packages include player and team statistics, leaderboards, schedules, standings, awards, draft information, injuries and transactional data.

With deep, rich historical content dating back to 1876, STATS provides an unparalleled package of historical statistics for Major League Baseball, the National Football League, National Basketball Association, and National Hockey League. In addition, we offer the most in-depth historical databases for college sports, cricket, international football/soccer leagues, golf and tennis.

Proprietary X-Info Data

STATS’ proprietary X-Info™ provides the most detailed events that occur in a game and integrates them with traditional play-by-play to create never seen before content and information. The result is invaluable information utilized in all facets of sports operations -- including coaching, front-office and scouting – as well as media analysis.

For more information on STATS X-Info™ click here.