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New York Life Protection Index Castrol Brand Activation


STATS has been engaging sports fans with compelling content for over 30 years. Our brand activation approach leverages proven techniques that create compelling content-driven solutions to activate a multi-faceted branding campaign.

STATS recognizes that the consumer engagement model is changing. Our sponsorship approach aims to truly engage potential customers by creating meaningful experiences and associating those experiences with your brand - focusing on networks, connectivity and conversations

STATS can activate brands and assist in developing integrated marketing approaches with multiple touch points including mobile, broadcast, social networks and the web.

  • Maximize fan/consumer interaction and dwell time
  • Trigger interactivity and empower consumer activation
  • Provide a unique platform for sponsorship opportunities
  • Enroll social media to promote communication and collaboration across the user base
  • Create diversified experiences which will appeal to numerous consumer types, from intense users to a casual audience